Information for participants

The application proces will start soon. In case of any problems with the application, please contact the Competition Office.

After the deadline for applications
After thorough checking of the applications received, the Competition Office will contact each of the applicants, confirming the correctness and completeness of the application or asking for clarifications or additions.

How will the competition look like

The program for all the disciplines is a free choice repertoire. We give you the complete freedom to choose the compositions of your programe. The Jury for all disciplines will be comprised of three renowned pedagogues and musicians. The competitor performs the program of his / her choice within the given minutes for the category. The program can also contain one solo composition, without piano accompanimentParticipants have to submit video recordings. Audio-only recordings will not be accepted. Video files have to be performed by the applicants, no editings are alowed in any way, nor should any effects be added. Participants are responsible for ensuring that the video is recorded with good quality (image and sound). Be aware that poor recording quality may interfere with the jury’s ability to review the material. Complete performance program is to be performed like on regular competition, and video editing or playback are forbidden.
Registration is to be done exclusively through electronic means, at the website Participants will be requested to fill the Online Application form and, on the day of the Competition, submit their video. After the competition starts, the competitor has 36 hours to upload a video of his performance and send it to us using a link he will recive after the application proces is over. On the the day of the co petition all the competitors will have to print a PaMus Flow competition sheet whit a competition number that will be available on our website at th day the competition starts. That is a way to make sure all the recordings are made in the period of time when the competition starts. All the details concerning the video upload are available at the Competition website. When submitting their video, participants are obliged to name their video as follows: instrument-category-name-surname. At the beggining of the performance the contestant is obliged to show his full name and surname as well as the competition number. All the details about the application are all on our website.

If you have questions, please contact the Competition Office.

Audio and video recording
The Organiser shall retain all the rights to video recordings. Video recording of the competitor’s performance is to be placed on the website and official YouTube account of PaMus Flow Competition after the competition ends. By participating in the competition, competitors automatically waive the right to any remuneration regarding eventual publication and distribution of music video recordings on CD, DVD, or any type of online publication of the media.

The final results of each categories are announced after the Jury rates the category. All the diplomas will be sent to the participants after the conclusion of all proceedings. in pdf. format.