Global Music Competition – PaMus Flow


PaMus Flow is a global music competition for wind instruments designed for students belonging to categories from A to G. The competition takes place entirely on Internet.
The competition is organised in the following disciplines: Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Bass trombone, Horn, Tuba and Euphonium.
Participants compete in seven categories ( 4 for Bass trombone) determined according to their age on the day of the competition.

Awards in each category are made by a jury:
• 1st Prize – to all participants who score 95 – 100 points
• 2nd Prize – to all participants who score 90 –  94 points
• 3rd Prize – to all participants who score 85 – 89 points
All the participants who score up to 80 points will receive a participation certificate.

The candidate with the maximum number of points in category A, B, C and D and in category E, F and G wins the prize.
The amount of the prize in categories A, B, C and D is € 200 and free participation in the PaMus Masterclass summer seminar.
The amount of the prize in categories E, F and G is € 400 and free participation in the PaMus Masterclass summer seminar.
After the announcement of the winners in the mentioned disciplines of the first round, the winners enter the second round of the competition where they will be judged by one member of the commission of each instrument. After listening to the recordings again, the winner of the whole competition is chosen and wins a prize in the amount of € 1,000.
PaMus Masterclass seminar award includes only a fee for the seminar ( accomodation and all other expenses are not included). Seminars will be held in Varaždin, Croatia in summer from August 22nd to August 26th. Lecturers at the seminar will be well-known musicians and pedagogues, mostly Jury members.

Special prizes may also be awarded by the Jury. The competitor with the best ranking in the competition discipline will be the Absolute Winner and will be awarded the Diploma. Video recording of the competitor’s performance is to be placed on the website and official YouTube account of PaMus Flow Competition after the competition ends.



Article 1
The global online competition PaMus flow is intended for musicians, regardless of their type of education and nationality. Participants compete in different categories, based on their age.

Article 2
The contestants will be judged based solely on the submitted recordings.

Article 3
The Organiser shall retain all the rights to video and audio recordings.

Article 4
Participants are permitted to make changes to the repertoire indicated in the application form not later than the day of the competition, except for the required piece, if it is prescribed in the common rules.

Article 5
Participants must submit video recordings. Audio – only recordings will not be accepted. Video files must be performed by the applicants and must not be edited in any way, nor should any effects be added. Participants are responsible for ensuring that the video is recorded with good quality (image and sound). Be aware that poor recording quality may interfere with the jury’s ability to review the material. Participants will not be penalized for the quality of your video, but it is very important that the quality is good enough to see and hear the participant clearly.

Article 6
Rules for video recordings are as follows:

Minimal Maximal Recommended
Resolution 720p (1280*720) 1080p (1920*1080) 10 Mbps
Bitrate 2 Mbps 10 Mbps 8 Mbps
Frame rate 24 fps 30 fps 25 fps
Codec H.264 H.265 H.264
Video format mov, mp4, m4a, m4p, m4v, m4r
Audio mono stereo stereo
File size  250 Mb (for 5 min) 2,5 Gb (for 30min) 50 Mb / min

Article 7
The total length of the video recording must be limited to the following duration of 4 G max. for all the Categories.

Article 8
Complete performance program is to be performed like on regular competition and video editing or playback are forbidden. We will not accept edited material or added effects in the recordings. Stopping the video camera during the entire recording is not allowed.

Article 9
Registration is to be done exclusively through electronic means, at the website –

Article 10
Participants will be requested to:
Fill the Online Application form (in English) and, on the day of the Competition, submit their video. All the details concerning the video upload will be available at the Competition website.
When submitting their video, participants are obliged to name their video as follows – instrument, category, name and surname.

Article 11
After the competition starts, the competitor has 36 hours to upload a video of his performance and send it to us using a link he will recive after the application proces is over. On the the day of the competition all the competitors will have to print a PaMus Flow competition sheet with a competition number that will be available on our website on the day the Competition. That is a way to make sure all the recordings are made in the period of time when the Competition starts.

Article 12
At the beggining of the performance the contestant is obliged to show his full name and surname.

Article 13
By participating in the competition, competitors automatically waive the right to any remuneration regarding eventual publication and distribution of music video recordings on CD, DVD, or any type of online publication of the media.

Article 14
A minimum of three (3) qualified judges will be evaluating the audition materials by each category. The work of the Jury is regulated by special Rules. Jury members are composed of renowned performing artists, conductors, composers, and pedagogues. The judges decisions are final and not to be discussed. The individual judges votes and opinions are strictly confidential and will not be published.

Article 15
If several competitors in the category earn the same number of points, the advantage will be given to the younger competitor. In the case of several competitors in the different categories earning the same number of points, final decision on the placement will be adjudicated by the Jury.

Article 16
In a case of withdrawal of a member of the Jury, the Organiser has the right to replace the withdrawing member with a new member.

Article 17
If a member of the Jury is a participant’s teacher or is related to him/her, such a member shall abstain from voting.

Article 18
The competition schedule regarding different disciplines and categories will be published on the competition web so that the participants can receive the information in a timely manner.

Article 19
The Organiser, reserves the right to amend the Competition Rules.

Article 20
The application fee for categories A, B, C and D is €60.00.
The application fee for categories E, F and G is €70.00.

Bank account details:
Andorama d.o.o.
IBAN: HR8623600001502843102
Vinogradska 30, Dubrava Križovljanska
42208 Cestica
Any bank transfer costs are not included in the application fee.

Article 21
The final results of each categories are announced after the Jury rates the category. All the diplomas will be sent to the participants after the conclusion of all proceedings in pdf. format.

Article 22
By applying to the competition, participants automatically accept all the conditions and rules of the online music competition.

Article 23
Each candidate consent to “PaMus Flow” Music Competition the processing of their personal data for putting all materials sent on the website or Social Media or any other communication and publicity materials of “PaMus Flow”. The consent of the processing data of minor contestants will automatically be given by their parents or legal guardians, upon application.