Welcome to the pages of the PaMusFlow Global Music Competition, a competition where you can show off your playing skills in a normal daily environment. Without nervousness and stage fright, you can focus and completely indulge in music. PaMus Flow is a global music competition for wind instruments designed for students from around the world. The competition takes place entirely on the Internet. The PaMus Flow Competition is made to actively present, develop and promote woodwind and brass talents from all over the world. In doing so, we hope it will become one of the significant gateways to the global woodwind and brass music scene for young musicians. The Competition is organized in partnership with Buffet Crampon Group,  LefreQue, Brasseraj and PaMus.
The Competition is organised in the following disciplines: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Saxophone, Bassoon, Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Bass Trombone, Euphonium and Tuba. Competitors compete in seven categories (four for Bass Trombone), which are determined by the age of the candidate on the day the competition begins, March 1st 2021.
PaMusFlow is not just another common online competition. This competition consists of two compositions in a category. This is a combination designed to show your playing skills, musicality and the ability to adapt when playing with the offered virtual accompanists. Here, we give you the complete freedom to choose one solo composition, unaccompanied, only you with the instrument in a place where you feel best – at home, in your room, concert hall or classroom, wherever you wish. Choose the composition that suits you best and with whose performance you think you can show the most with. The second composition is an offered choice of two digital matrices with a professionally made audio-video recording of a piano accompaniment for your instrument.
These are selected materials whose working, practicing part with a metronome in the background you can see and hear on our YouTube channel PaMus – musical accompaniments. These are materials with an unprecedented combination of music notation of the highest standard, publishing quality and studio-processed sound recording. They have been in use for over 3 years and are attracting an increasing number of users every day. At the very beginning, they served as an additional form of exercise with added metronome beats in the background. Over the time, they have evolved in their quality, and today, in the version without metronomes, they also serve as an accompaniment for performances, exams, auditions, etc.
When playing with a digital matrix, you are challenged to adapt and combine your interpretation in a month with the offered soundtrack and the virtual conductor – the pointer present on the video. Of course, no one can replace playing with a human hand, we never claimed or expected that. Overcoming this challenge is even greater, and it represents a new, unrecorded experience. The aim of this competition is to find performers with a strong artistic personality, stage presence and music performance.
The Competition starts at March 1st, 2021 and applications for the global PaMus Flow Music Competition will be open on December 21th 2020!